Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Are from West Yorkshire and thinking of joining the National Front, or from elsewhere but thinking of sending in an enquiry through the NF website?

If you are then i must warn you that you details will fall into the wrong hands. Eddy Morrison has took it upon himself to amalgamate every branch in West Yorkshire and has taken over all of them. He did this completely unappointed, and also has a local membership list.

And you have all heard about Eddy Morrison's reputation for the complete safeguarding of sensitive information havent you?

He also runs the NF website and should you apply for an info pack online, i doubt he will destroy your details after he has passed them onto party leadership.

He's a very dodgy bastard. If you are wanting to join the NF then my advice would be to do it through your local organiser or branch contact. If you live in West Yorkshire and are thinking of joining the NF then my advice would be to give them a wide berth until Eddy Morrison does his famous trick and fucks off with half the membership to form up yet another new party.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Eddy Morrison trying to get the NF in trouble.

After seeing the horrendous fine that the BNP where on the receiving end of, it seems that Searchlight informer Eddy Morrison has become determined to have the NF dragged through the courts on a similar case.

Now for those of you unfamiliar with the laws on copyright, the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 can be found here:,_Designs_and_Patents_Act_1988

For those of you that cant be arsed to read into it, basicly it is a agaqinst the law to copy or distribute unauthorised copies of films, images, sounds and company logo's without the owners permission.

He has been selling pirate DVD's from the website and at NF meetings for quiete some time now. Some of these DVD's where of BNP meetings (which the NF dont have the rights to copy and distribute), some are direct recordings off the History channel and even have the adverts in them and some are recordings off the BBC, and "World In Action" documentries (Naughty, Naughty) and others are outright copies of Hollywood movies such as Birth Of A Nation, which the NF certainly dont have the rights to.

It seems odd that the party havent said anything to him regarding this criminal activity that is being commited in their name, especially seeing as the party dont make a single penny out of it as it is Morriscum's personal venture, all cheques for payment being required to be made payable directly to his personal "Spearhead" account.

But then i have just read the "Internet Victory For The Front", and i couldnt believe what i was seeing. Morrison has just HANDED them a reason to take him to court for the unauthorised use of their logo in that article, the very same thing the BNP got sued for by Unilever.

As i said about Lindenstein, these constantly occuring spanners in the works that always seem to be thrown in by the same two people (Morriscum and Lindenstein) are no accidents. They are doing this on purpose, their aim is to destroy the National Front from within. Morrison has ruined or tried to ruin everything he has been a member of. Why the NF let him back in i do not know, but i bet it is a decision that the then party chairman Tom Holmes bitterly regrets.

The National Front should never have let him back in, let alone put him into a position where he controls their public image and can pull stunts like this to try and get them into trouble. He has also been told off for using the NF website to deny the holocaust and the thick fucker couldnt even spell "Holohoax" correctly.

He is an egotistical bastard who has visions of himself way above his station. He has a record which only portrays him as someone to stay well clear of, why the fuck the NF have accepted him with open arms is beyond me. And i am still disgusted at his hijacking of Spearhead, and i am just glad that Tyndalls magazine wasnt protected by copyright laws or that would be another lawsuit the NF could potentially be facing.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

New Poll On The Ethnicity Of Tom Linden

Please vote, but before you cast your opinion, here is to re-iterate. Here is what a typical Northern Ireland Protestant looks like:

And here is what a typical person of Middle Eastern Jewish origin looks like:

Please vote wisely.

I was told off for referring to Tom Linden as "Lindenstein". Apparently he is not Jewish, but instead a Northern Ireland Protestant.

Yet he couldnt even get the date of the Shankill Road bombing correct. He was only out by about 6 years.

His stupidity was removed from Stormfront before it reached a wider audience, but it is of my opinion that he isnt making mistakes like this by accident. I think he is purposefully trying to make the NF look thick, to drag their name into the gutter.

He also hates Nazis as his family fought against them during the war (my guess is that this fighting took place at the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising) though he somehow thinks it is ok to post on Stormfront, where he is surrounded by National Socialists.

I wonder if he is going to plague the NF Remembrance Day parade with his presence this year with his fake REME outfit that he bought off ebay and his single tin medal, and pretend to be going into a diabetic coma after walking a couple of hundred yards round a corner.

I await the report of the event on that one.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Anyone Up For Starting Up A New White Power Music Band And Calling It Skrewdriver?

How's this for an idea. We start up a white power band and give it whatever name. We then go to a gig and we play terrible, and as a result we havent sold a single CD. So then, to try and stem this outright failure we go and change our name to Skrewdriver.

Would anybody see anything wrong at all in this? If not you should.

So when it was brought to my attention that a complete freeloader, pathetic alcoholic and long term thorn in the side of Nationalism called Eddy Morrison who's reputation can at best be described as "horrendous", had relaunched Spearhead magazine against John Tyndalls wife's wishes just because his own magazine at the time called "Thunderbolt" wasnt selling due to it being poor quality and a terrible read, i nearly choked on my coffee. This is the most blatant case of freeloading i have ever seen in my life and why nobody in the National Front has said anything about it to him, i have no idea.

Just who does this guy think he is kidding? Does he think that Nationalists will buy this magazine out of some sense of nostalgia to the great writings of John Tyndall? I read a copy of the first issue and it was so shit i wouldnt even use it for toilet paper. It contained pictures that where taken by Searchlight of last years Remembrance Day march of NF members covering their faces. Pictures that Gerry Gable owns the copyright to and pictures that he could succesfully sue you for using.

Here is a point. If Eddy Morrison is taken to court for this illegal action or selling pirate DVDs off the NF website then who gets taken to court and pays the costs/fines/compensation? Eddy Morrison who doesnt have a pot to piss in or the NF?

He could be seen over on the NF forum under the username Erik Erikson, accusing NF supporters failing to support the National Front as they wouldnt buy his shit magazine. Here's a newsflash dickhead, those people DO support the National Front, they just refuse to buy that crap that you are selling. That isnt failing to support the NF as the party dont make a penny out of it, that is just failing to keep your local asian off-license owner in business. That magazine is not owned by the party it is your private enterprise, just like those pirate DVDs that you are illegally distributing via the NF website.

I made a mention of this on Stormfront Britain and it resulted in the SFBrtain moderator called Ravenser not only removing my posts, but the whole thread. Clearly the truth about Spearhead embarrasses him and he wanted me to shut up.

I told him what Valerie Tyndall had said about not wanting Spearhead continued as it is not what JT would have wanted and his response was to tell me that Val Tyndall is now an alcoholic who failed to attend her husbands funeral through being too drunk and her opinion of what JT would have wanted is an unreliable one and instead i should listen to the opinions of JT's so-called friends as they know exactly what he would have wanted.

He also said that selling DVD's was a painless way of making money for Spearhead. When i pointed out that in its own editors words it was doing a roaring trade, selling over 130 copies in one meeting, he was like "yeah, but we are adding a collourful front page", etc

i found these comments about Val Tyndall quiete disrespectful to say the least. I was shocked at how low he would sink to defend this police informing, membershiplist selling, searchlight spying, party splitting, alcoholic lowlife scumbag called Eddy Morrison.

I urge you all to boycott spearhead and the poor quality pirate DVDs that are available to buy on the NF website. If Eddy Morrison is left with a massive printing bill it would teach him just the lesson he needs and it might make him do the right thing and respect the Tyndall family's wishes by letting this magazine die with John Tyndall

So there you have it folks. Spearhead is a hijacked magazine for a hijacked party. not a penny more.

Here is a statement made by Val Tyndall, widow of the late John Tyndall, about the whole matter:

Statement by Valerie Tyndall- August 2010

This is a statement from Valerie Tyndall, wife of the late John Tyndall, owner and publisher of the original Spearhead magazine for over 40 years.

I am responding to two postings on the internet from Mr Erik Ericksson (E.E.) of the NF Forum. His postings are full of absolute lies and drivel. When my husband died. five years ago, I made the decision to wind-up Spearhead. Richard Edmonds agreed with me. And yes, John Tyndall was Spearhead and Spearhead was John Tyndall. I was married to JT for many years and knew him inside out. He would never have wanted me to pass on Spearhead. He believed no-one was up to his standards, consistency and dedication.

Considering that I ended Spearhead after John’s death why on earth would I have asked Mr Ericksson, or anyone else to become editor. This is an absolute lie. The only things I agreed to, were annual JT meetings, organised to date by Mr. R. Fawcuss and Richard Edmonds. Yes, being John’s wife, and helping with Spearhead over many years, I did believe and still believe I have the moral right to decide things.

Initially, Richard Edmonds borrowed the Spearhead subscription lists to reimburse people who had over paid for copies they would no longer receive.

To suggest that I, or Richard Edmonds, would hand over the subs. list to Identity, or anyone else is just preposterous. The lists are not in my home, but in a most safe place, and only I have them. I was told that Spearhead is now being published to promote John’s political ideals. What poppycock! The name has been poached by a usurper and opportunist to further himself – his own ends.

This man, Erickson, was a founder member in 1982 of the BNP, but barely 12 months later he stormed out of a meeting with a handful of people to form a ‘national Action Group’.

Over the years, Erickson had bloody-minded disagreements with J.T., but always did what suited himself and his ego. He has been up and down like a yo-yo. In latter years he pre-empted any discussion with JT and set-up the National Alliance, which was left to fizzle out. After that it was the BPP (British People’s Party) which he abandoned. I, and Richard Edmonds, have never abused people in the NF. Though we have had our differences of opinions, especially tactics, we have always treated people in the NF as nationalist friends. And, for your information, E.E., I wrote a letter to Mr. N. Griffin, telling him not to abuse the NF. It would suffice to say that we are two different parties. As for defeatists, you are talking about people who are just the opposite.

Too many leading individuals in the NF are prima donnas, who blow hot and cold with their emotions – they do not think realistically or practically.

To end, I have to say that R.E. is the most honest, honourable and dedicated person that I have known in British nationalism and is very respected by many others. All he wanted to do is guide the party and members in the right traditional direction. He is not into conspiracies, nor back-stabbing. What you see and hear from RE is the truth. I write this in sorrow as much as in anger.

I had thought better of you EE.

Valerie Tyndall